#PermitPatty Shunned by Cannabis Industry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Permit Patty. She became an internet pariah overnight due to an ill-advised (or perhaps malevolent) call to cops over a young girl selling bottled water.

The incident, which took place in San Francisco and was later broadcast to the entire world, brought a number of sensitive issues into focus. There have been allegations of racism and even discussions about the wisdom of municipal permitting laws.

But the incident has also been big news in the marijuana industry.

As it turns out, Permit Patty -- whose real name is Alison Ettel -- sells cannabis edibles for a living. Ironically enough, it doesn’t appear she has always done so with the proper *ahem* permitting.

Ettel was forced to resign as CEO of TreatWell Health over the dust-up Tuesday. Her departure came after a half dozen marijuana businesses said they were cutting ties with the company as a result of the viral video.

Ettel has denied that the confrontation was in any way motivated by race. Rather, the young girl was apparently selling water very loudly (who knew?) and Ettel says she asked the girl and her mother several times to keep it down.

"A terrible mistake was made that affected a young girl and her family," TreatWell’s spokeswoman said in a statement Tuesday. "It is important to know it was never the intention to disparage, harass or cause any harm to the child, nor her mother. However, in a heated moment, a critically wrong decision was made by our CEO. The guilt lies in that decision, and while it was completely wrong, the act that followed was not motivated by any racist intent whatsoever."