Now Is the Time to Score Cheap Weed

The state’s cannabis retailers are scrambling to sell off their existing supply before new testing and package requirements kick in on July 1. That means massive mark-downs in the coming weeks, as businesses seek to offload. After that, we’re in for a period of pot shortages and price spikes, experts warn.

“This would be the best month for anybody trying to save some money and buy any type of cannabis,” said Erick Alfaro, operations manager for The Green Cross. His shop has marked prices down by 30%.

Leafly has a list of other California businesses offering blowout weed sales as high as 90%. It’s all part of the prelude to the Great Unknown.

What follows after July 1 is anyone’s guess. New brands might become statewide staples, while some legendary brands will be out of the marketplace, said edibles maker Kenny Morrison of Venice Cookie Co., and head of the California Cannabis Manufacturer’s Association. “It’s definitely a reckoning,” Morrison said. “We’re transitioning as we speak.”

As CalMarijuanaPolicy has covered previously, this state has a problem when it comes to dirty weed. A study conducted by the University of California, Davis found contamination rates above 90%. Although rare, some vulnerable people have already been sickened by tainted marijuana.

Still, some worry the new regulations will go too far.

“Your food isn’t going to be as clean as your cannabis,” said one dispensary manager. “It’s really hard to pass.”

They’ll have to try. After July 1, any product that hits the shelves must first be vetted by a licensed laboratory. There are only 31 in operation, so there’s real question about whether they can handle the volume of cannabis coming through -- and what happens if they can’t.

Companies that aren’t aware of the packaging requirements taking hold should also start studying up. Some of them are complex and state officials say there will be a no-tolerance policy for noncompliance.

The question now: how many businesses will survive the new process?