Los Angeles County Leaves Its Pot Ban in Place

A ban on commercial marijuana in unincorporated Los Angeles County is here to stay -- for now.

The Board of Supervisors decided to take no action Tuesday on a set of proposals to relax the county’s prohibition on commercial pot. As a result, Los Angeles has left the existing ban in place.

"The Board of Supervisors has decided not to rush this issue and, by taking no action on the report today, has allowed the ban on commercial cannabis in the unincorporated areas to stay in place," said Supervisor Janice Hahn. "However, this ban does not affect residents' ability to use cannabis recreationally or grow plants on their property for personal use as guaranteed under Proposition 64."

Tuesday’s decision poured cold water on marijuana advocates’ hopes following months of discussions about potential changes to county policy. The Office of Cannabis Management had presented the Board with a series of recommendations and a tax revenue analysis that favored some type of regulation of commercial marijuana in unincorporated L.A.

The Board could still decide to lift the ban at a future date. However, as Tuesday’s discussions made clear, it would have to accompany several other actions. These include the establishment of a new commission and advisory review board and the amendment of at least five existing county ordinances.