How the Trump-Kim Summit Boosted Cannabis Cryptocurrency PotCoin

No one could have predicted that one of the most memorable moments from this week's Trump-Kim Summit would be former NBA all-star Dennis Rodman sobbing on national TV. But if you had predicted it, you could be sitting on a load of cash today.

The now famous interview between Rodman and CNN's Chris Cuomo is available here.

Notice the shirt? That says “PotCoin,” a cryptocurrency company geared toward the flourishing cannabis industry. The company sponsored Rodman’s trip to North Korea in 2017 and was plastered all over him at the summit this week.

The payoff was yuge. CoinMarketCap data shows PotCoin’s stock jumped 20% overnight, adding $4 million to its market capitalization.

Here's the irony: Singapore, where the summit was held, has strict laws against all forms of weed. The punishment? Sometimes death

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