Good News: Pot Danger Not on the Rise for Pets

We know more people are using weed since California legalized recreational pot sales. But the same isn’t true for Muffy and Fido.

Contrary to what you may have heard, cats and dogs are not accidentally ingesting marijuana at far greater rates than they were pre-Prop 64, according a new report from the Cannifornian

The ASPCA’s poison control center took 325 marijuana-related calls from California in 2017 — up from 132 in 2015. But the agency’s total volume of calls also increased during that time, with cannabis incidents consistently accounting for around one in five calls from California.

This year, the ASPCA says it’s responded to 94 calls for cannabis ingestion in California, which is 19.4 percent of statewide calls.

The Pet Poison Helpline answered 57 marijuana-related calls from Californians in 2017 — down from 65 in 2015. And cannabis has been the cause for fewer than 2 percent of all calls in the state going back to 2011.

So the hype about accidental pet overdoses may be just that: hype. Still, it’s always a good idea to keep your stash away from your pets. That’s especially true if it’s an edible containing chocolate, which can do serious harm to your dog.


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