Arroyo Grande Could Amend Pot Ordinance

The City of Arroyo Grande is poised to offer a lifeline to a marijuana delivery service that was effectively forced to close less than a year after receiving its license.

Elite Care was the first medical marijuana business to operate legally in San Luis Obispo County and, in December 2017, the business became the first in California to receive a temporary permit from the state to operate as a medical delivery service.

The owners say they were told by the Bureau of Cannabis Control that the warehouse where they keep their products must be in the same city as their local permit (Arroyo Grande). However, Arroyo Grande said this would violate city policy. That’s because the city prohibits all commercial marijuana activities except deliveries -- and that includes the physical warehouse where the products for delivery are kept.

Unable to abide by state guidelines and unable to reach a solution with the city, Elite Care had its state license revoked by the bureau on June 5.

"We've been treated really bad this whole situation," said co-owner Tami Peluso. "We've been treated like criminals, and we don't know why." 

The owners showed up at Tuesday’s city council meeting to plead their case, and it seems to have worked.

The Arroyo Grande City Council is moving forward with changing the city's marijuana ordinance after a city council meeting on Tuesday.

The council decided to remove the requirement for cannabis businesses to obtain a permit from the City of Arroyo Grande before delivering marijuana inside city limits. Business will only need a state permit to deliver within city limits.

The decision still needs to go through a second reading before it becomes final.

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