Could Cannabis Ease Symptoms of Menopause?

The end of a woman’s menstrual cycle is one of the most drastic and oft dreaded moments in her life. Colloquially known as “the change,” this period (no pun intended) marking the end of fertility can result in a number of unwanted symptoms ranging from night sweats and hot flashes to weight gain, bloating, and irritability.

But could cannabis relieve some of these symptoms? According to Leafly, preliminary research says yes.

“Due to the federal prohibition of cannabis, research on the subject of cannabis for menopause is scarce,” Leafly notes. “However, a look back in history shows us that this concept is nothing new. In the 1924 text, Sajous and Sajous, cannabis is cited as an analgesic for menopause.”

More recent data also shows promise.

We already know that cannabis can offer pain relief. But there is some research to suggest that THC and/or CBD can also help regulate body temperature, relieve insomnia, and help with mood swings. And despite marijuana’s association with weigh gain (hello, munchies!), Leafly says some cannabinoids can actually help maintain a healthy BMI.

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