A Peak Inside Shasta Lake’s New Marijuana Industry

Applications for commercial cannabis permits have been rolling into Shasta Lake city offices since Jan. 1 when adult-use marijuana became legal in the state and city.

"The city has had a lot of activity,” said City Manager John Duckett. “Commercial cannabis permits that have been requested from the city, so we've been going through that process. So it [has] been very busy with our planning staff and staff in general.”

Duckett couldn’t say what kind of revenue all that activity is translating into just yet. But if the accounts of marijuana business owners are accurate, it’s a pretty big number.

"So right now, here at this location, we are trending about 50 percent over our daily average last year and that's exciting, and that means we're hiring and every 6 percent revenue, gross revenue dollars, does go back to the City of Shasta Lake," 530 Cannabis founder Jamie Garzot told KRCTV.

Despite warnings about a coming rise in crime around the city’s dispensaries, Shasta Lake Lieutenant Tom Campbell says that hasn’t been a problem.

Keep up the good work, Shasta Lake.