Pot Deliveries Face Hurdles in California’s New Legal Market

The new legal framework for marijuana sales in the state of California presents some challenges to marijuana delivery services. Until further clarification from the state and local governments, that makes the future of cannabis delivery companies somewhat uncertain.

State law gave the green light to this rapidly growing facet of the marijuana industry, but local governments have the right to restrict them — and restrict them they do. In some cities delivery services are banned outright; in others, they are limited to businesses with existing storefronts. All over, confusion reigns.

“It is going to be a season of transition,” said Eaze Senior Vice-President David Mack. “In the regulatory environment we’re in, the state has been very clear: Working with licensed dispensaries is the path forward for California and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Curious about the delivery regs in your area? Leafly offers a summary of cannabis delivery rules in some of California’s major cities here


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