Oregon is Brainstorming Solutions to Its Overproduction Problem

As CalMarijuanaPolicy has written about before, California is actually suffering from a surplus of pot.  But, luckily, we aren’t alone. An upturn in cannabis production in Oregon has forced producers, law enforcement, and state officials to respond as well. Can California learn a thing or two from the Oregon experiment? We hope so.

First, it’s important to understand why surpluses can be so detrimental.

“Overproduction creates a powerful profit incentive, driving product from both state-licensed and unlicensed marijuana producers into black and gray markets across the country,” said Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams. “This lucrative supply attracts cartels and other criminal networks into Oregon and in turn brings money laundering, violence, and environmental degradation.”

That could put Oregon -- and other over-producing states -- in the feds’ crosshairs.

Williams is now organizing a statewide summit to address the problem. Various organizations and experts will be in attendance brainstorming a solution.

California will be watching.


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