This Girl Scout Sold Over 300 Boxes of Cookies Outside a San Diego Pot Dispensary

People, this tween is a natural-born entrepreneur.

Tasked with selling as many Girl Scout cookies as she could to benefit her troop, one young lady came up with an ingenious idea: set up shop outside one of California’s newly-minted recreational marijuana stores.

It worked. She sold over 300 boxes in six hours.

Holy munchies!

The customers, as you can imagine, were also thrilled.

"I think our customers loved it," said Savannah Rakofsky, a representative for Urbn Leaf, the recreational and medical dispensary where the oodles of goodness were sold. 

To be fair, it’s been done before. In 2014, a Girl Scout sold 117 boxes outside a medical dispensary in San Francisco. This is the first we’ve heard of since recreational pot was legalized in the Golden State, however.

The scout's idea (or maybe it was her parents') has elicited plenty of naysaying too. Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug under federal law, after all.

We’re guessing she’s getting her badge anyway.