Was This CHP Bust Legal? Mendocino County Supes Intend to Find Out

Mendocino County supervisors say they will review a marijuana bust by California Highway Patrol that resulted in the arrest of two licensed delivery workers and the confiscation of nearly a ton of pot.

Old Kai Distribution says it had every right to transport the marijuana within Mendocino County, where it holds a local license to do so. County spokesman Sarah Dukett seemed to agree.

Not so fast, says the CHP. The arrest occurred last month. Highway Patrol says you must also have a state license to deliver weed and that those weren’t valid until Jan. 1.

"They are following the laws that are in place now," Acting California Highway Patrol Commissioner Warren Stanley said. "And when Jan. 1, 2018, comes they'll start following the laws that come into effect on that date."

Locals were outraged by the incident and ensuing confusion. They packed a board of supervisors meeting Tuesday where their elected officials vowed to look into the issue.

The farm where the marijuana originated belongs to a small, family-owned business. It lost nearly its entire harvest in the bust.

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