Rolling Stone: Small Pot Farmers Are Already Suffering Under New Pot Regs

Skeptics have long worried that the particulars of California’s new marijuana regulations would give big business the upper hand, making it impossible for small pot businesses to compete. According to Rolling Stone, their worst fears are already coming true.

First, there are the new emergency rules released by the state. As CalMarijuanaPolicy has noted before, the absence of a cap on marijuana farm acreage dealt a massive blow to mom and pop weed businesses who were counting on the limits to keep large competitors in check.

Local regulations can exacerbate the problem too. In Nevada County, for instance, only farms on acres of 25 or more can possess more than 12 marijuana plants. That gives big businesses the upper hand and makes it exceedingly difficult for the little guy to compete.

It’s a be-careful-what-you-wish-for moment for many existing small growers.

“After years of stigmatization and legal risk, they’ve finally helped legitimize cannabis cultivation, now attractive to better capitalized players who could weed them out.” 


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