L.A. Approves New Rules for Recreational Pot

Los Angeles has become one of the latest cities to approve sales and cultivation of recreational marijuana next year. Wednesday’s vote by the council puts L.A. on track to be the largest legal marijuana market in the country.

The vote was unanimous. It now heads to Mayor Eric Garcetti for approval. Here is some of what it does:

• Caps the number of legal pot shops at 390. Growing businesses are capped at 336 and both manufacturing businesses and micro-grows are capped at 520.

• Limits commercial pot shops to specific commercial or industrial zones. They must be within 700 feet of schools, public parks and libraries, child care centers, and other “sensitive” venues.

• Limits commercial grows and manufacturing sites to industrial zones and mandates a 600 foot distance from schools.

• Limits marijuana businesses manufacturing volatile solvents from within 200 feet of residential areas.

• Gives licensing priority to economically disadvantaged individuals and those previously convicted of marijuana-related crimes. Proposition D-compliant medical pot dispensaries will also be first in line to receive permits.



Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 18:07

El Monte’s City Council is set to decide on a proposed marijuana processing and distribution center in the 4400 block of Temple City Boulevard next week.