Has California Already Abandoned Its Small Farmers?

Plenty of people were left disappointed by the emergency pot regulations released by the state last month. Now some of those concerns have been articulated in a piece by the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board.

The Times is taking issue with the unlimited size of cannabis farms, which was undoubtedly the most shocking component of the new rules. The Times argues that it violates the state’s promise to protect small farmers, instead giving industry giants the upper hand.

During last year’s campaign for Proposition 64, which made recreational marijuana legal for adults under California law, proponents of the measure repeatedly argued that it would protect small marijuana farms and mom-and-pop cultivators, many of whom have operated illegally for decades.

That’s because the initiative barred the state from licensing any marijuana farm larger than one acre until 2023 — or at least that’s what voters were led to believe when they passed Proposition 64 overwhelmingly. Nevertheless, a state agency has quietly, mystifyingly issued a rule that could circumvent the proposition and open the new state market to Big Weed.

Read the entire op-ed here

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