Video: This is Why You Keep Your Cats Away From Cannabis

We’ve all heard of dogs getting into their owners’ stash of cannabis before. But cats? Yeah, that’s a thing meow.

A viral video uploaded by a woman in Massachusetts shows what happened after her two felines smashed and consumed her marijuana plants.

“My grow lights had broken and I moved my plants onto the porch for about 15-20 minutes,” she explained. “When I went out to move them back into the grow room my cats had eaten all the plants.”

“Gizmo, did you eat my plants?” the woman asks a zonked out cat sprawled, paws up, underneath a chair. She looks over at the other cat, also clearly wasted. “Yeah you did.”

Anyone who’s had a cat knows you don’t leave them unattended with a plant of any kind -- not even for a moment.

We hope the cats are ok. They sure looked like it.

Watch the video here. 


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