San Francisco Delays Crucial Vote on Pot

The likelihood that legal marijuana sales will be available in San Francisco at the start of the new year diminished greatly Tuesday, with supervisors voting to delay a controversial vote on pot rules for another two weeks.

Few debates over cannabis have been as contentious as the one taking place in San Francisco -- a surprise, given its historical friendliness toward marijuana. The issue has pitted progressive leaders and residents against a sizeable, traditional Chinese-American community. It has also opened rifts between pro-pot leaders who differ on specifics such as where to allow stores and how to ensure racial equity in the pot industry.

The constant delays are more than just an annoyance for cannabis consumers and businesspeople. State Sen. Scott Wiener believes supervisors are "dangerously close to destroying" the industry before it even gets off the ground.



Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 18:07

El Monte’s City Council is set to decide on a proposed marijuana processing and distribution center in the 4400 block of Temple City Boulevard next week.