Cannabis is Becoming a Career Choice For a Growing Number of Veterans

Choosing a new career path is one of the most arduous tasks that our military veterans face when it comes time for them to reenter civilian life. Traditionally, military men and women have parlayed their skills into other public safety jobs, joining police or fire departments. But as a new study shows, a growing number of them are deciding to pursue careers in the bourgeoning cannabis industry as well.

The revelation comes from the American Legion, which just released the results of a nationwide study of military veterans and their families vis-à-vis marijuana. An increasing number of veterans, it showed, are choosing to use, grow and sell cannabis.

Here are some other findings that came out of the study:

• 92 percent of veterans support more research of medical marijuana.

• 83 percent of veteran households want to legalize medical pot.

• 22 percent of veterans are currently using medical cannabis treatment.


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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 05:20

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