Two Roads Diverged in a Wood: Which Path Will Calaveras Take on Marijuana?

Calaveras County Supervisors have been presented with two different options from the Planning Commission mapping a new way forward on cannabis. On Sept. 29, the commission voted to recommend a strict regulation package for marijuana in the county. But just one day earlier, it had informally endorsed an outright ban.

“The supervisors need to look at both recommendations and make a final decision,” said commission chairwoman Lisa Muetterties.

A ban has been discussed for some time. But compliance would likely be a nightmare and there are significant legal issues that could arise.

Under the restrictions proposed by the Commission, the county could slash permitted grow sites by nearly half and restrict it to rural agricultural zones. It would leave an estimated 400 farmers in operation.

Supervisors will discuss their options for cannabis again during a special meeting in San Andreas on Oct. 17.

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