These People Just Sent Cannabis Into Space

Talk about a marijuana high.

A cannabis experiment of galactic proportions took place over Phoenix, Arizona, in a daring and unusual feat in an effort to answer the age-old question: What happens when you send cannabis into space?

Herban Planet teamed up with Scottsdale cannabis dispensary Level Up for a foray into the unknown. The group packaged up one pound of top-quality Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to send into the upper stratosphere.

That’s right. Some dudes and gals just sent cannabis into space to see what would happen. They’re going to be testing the product in a laboratory to find out if and how its molecular makeup changed after the exposure.

“We’re very interested to take a look at and see just what effect these adverse conditions had on the marijuana,” explained one of the people behind the experiment. "It could be that the exposure to additional UV has had an effect, the solar radiation could certainly have had an effect, the blast freezing by temperature, above the atmosphere could have had an effect—all things that we intend to use the technology at our disposal to try and divulge.”

Leafly recently sat down with the team members to discuss the project at length. Read the full article here