The State’s First Recreational Pot Shops Could Land in Santa Cruz

We could see the state’s first recreational pot shops open up in Santa Cruz County this January.

On Tuesday, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to allow the 12 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in unincorporated areas to sell recreational, as well as medicinal, cannabis come New Year’s Day. But the dispensaries still would need a state license to begin legal sales to adults ages 21 and older, and the state still is scrambling to create a licensing framework.

No information could be found indicating any other California county has passed regulations to legalize recreational sales.

The City of Santa Cruz is working overtime to shore up its recreational regs as well.

As the Sentinel notes, other Bay Area governments have been reluctant to welcome the fruits of Prop. 64 just yet. We have covered the surprising NIMBYism going on San Francisco at length. But it actually applies to most Bay Area governments as a whole. In fact, Emeryville is the only Bay city other than Santa Cruz rushing to have recreational sales ready by Jan. 1.


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