Pot Delivery Bust Draws Marijuana Advocates’ Ire in Santee

A fruitful sting operation targeting medical marijuana delivery services in Santee, California is drawing complaints from marijuana advocacy groups.

Six individuals, including a registered sex offender, were arrested during the operation Thursday after the Santee station’s COPPS unit placed a phony purchase through an online ordering service. These deliveries are illegal within Santee’s limits and officers say their Santee station was seeing a “noticeable increase” of violent crimes in the area, presumably believed to be linked to the pot deliveries.

The San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance isn’t happy with the way things went down.

“We feel it is unfortunate that the Sheriff’s department chose to use its precious resources on marijuana delivery, while the death toll from pharmaceuticals, heroin and meth continue to scourge East County,” said Alliance President Elizabeth Wilhelm.  Her organization is also accusing the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department of “entrapment.”

The Alliance held a gathering Monday and is asking supporters and medical marijuana patients to contact their county supervisors. They’re hoping to see a new regulated system for legal cannabis deliveries in the future.


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