A Look at Marijuana Opposition in San Francisco

Liberal San Francisco always seemed an unlikely place for opposition to pot. But alas, here we are. The progressive northern California enclave -- known, for years, for its openness to cannabis -- has become the poster child for marijuana NIMBYism.

But why?

Randy Shaw of Beyond Chron delved into the issue in an article Tuesday. As he notes, Prop 64 passed in San Francisco with the largest margin of victory in the state. Yet since then, cannabis has suffered a number of defeats at the local level there -- including the 9-2 vote to reject former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s plans for a dispensary in the Sunset neighborhood earlier this month.

Then last week, another defeat.

The [Planning] Commission voted to keep the current requirement that medical cannabis dispensaries be at least 1000 feet from schools or day care centers. The Commission refused to limit the distance to 600 feet, a reform that would help spread the facilities throughout the city rather than concentrating them in a few neighborhoods.

Outside the meeting was a crowd of vocal members from San Francisco’s Chinese-American community, which also spoke out forcefully against Quan’s venture.

Shaw is calling hypocrisy on San Francisco officials for giving in under the guise of ‘saving the children.’

…San Francisco needs to stop claiming kids are at risk from pot dispensaries. Until the 1990’s dispensaries did not exist and pot was everywhere. As was true then and is true today, young people typically first get it from their friends.



Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 18:07

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