Increased Marijuana Use Showing Up in Employee Drug Tests

More and more people are smoking weed these days. And that means record numbers of people failing employer drug tests. With marijuana use now officially legal in the state of California, some businesses are rethinking the old pee-in-a-cup-routine.

The Bay area is ground zero for the testing failure.

Marijuana was detected in about 3 percent of workplace drug tests taken last year across coastal Northern California, about 1.5 times the national average, according to data from Quest Diagnostics, one of the nation’s largest clinical lab companies…

In Northern California, the nation’s largest marijuana-producing region, employers are increasingly re-examining their discretionary drug-testing policies as companies struggle to fill open positions in a tight labor market. It isn’t just marijuana, of course.

Drug use is up across the board among U.S. workers. Quest reports that illicit drug use is at its highest level in 12 years.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 04:16

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