Hemp Growers Sue San Joaquin Over “Illegal” Seizures

A Native American tribe is suing the County of San Joaquin and the Drug Enforcement Agency following the removal of 26 acres of what it claims is industrial hemp being grown for research purposes near Holt. The Winnemucca are asking for the return of their plants seized on Oct. 10, a restraining order, and a declaration that a county ordinance on the removal of these grows is unlawful. But it doesn’t look like they’re going to get either of these demands met without a fight.

Cannabis Science Inc., A Southern California company that planted the hemp in partnership with the tribe, is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit. The company claims the county has cost them $77 million.

Under California law, only established research institutions are currently allowed to grow hemp. County officials have said the plants in this case did not fall under that category.

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