The Curious Case of the Couple That Received 65 Pounds of Marijuana From Amazon

How did a man and wife in Orlando, Florida end up with $200,000 worth of weed? That’s what authorities would like to know.

The unnamed couple says they suspected something was amiss when the shipment for the storage containers they’d purchased on Amazon came in at around 93.5 pounds.

"They were extremely heavy," recalls the wife, "more heavy than you would think from ordering four empty bins.”

As soon as they opened the package, the smell was a dead giveaway. Sitting in the bins were 65 pounds of marijuana, which is still illegal in their state. The couple immediately called police. Fearing retaliation from the intended owner, they left home for a few days.

WFTV reports the package was shipped out of an Amazon's Warehouse Deals in Massachusetts where recreational weed has been legal since July. The case is being investigated by Orlando Police.

Amazon gave the couple a $150 gift card for their potentially deadly troubles.


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