Cannabis Opens the Floodgates to Government Employment

Among the many impacts of Prop. 64 is the avalanche of new public employment opportunities at both the state and local levels. As the L.A. Times notes, California is now on a “hiring binge” as it seeks to fill hundreds of positions related to the new marijuana economy. These include everything from environmental scientists to those who will run background checks on individuals seeking cannabis licenses.

By February, the Bureau of Cannabis Control is expected to have over 100 staffers. Last January, there were only 11.

And then there’s the enforcement side. Police are expecting to contend with a number of questions and problems come January. And they will have to stay on the top of the game to ensure that growers and sellers are operating legally, rather than remaining in the black market.

“We are going to have to invest,” said Gardena Police Chief Edward Medrano, who heads the California Police Chiefs Assn.

That means -- you guessed it -- more government jobs. So if you’re interested, now is the time to apply.