Sellers and Growers Could Soon Work in Tandem Under Proposed Law

Marijuana sellers and cultivators working side-by-side may seem like a logical way to do things, but right now it’s prohibited in California. That could soon change, thanks to a proposal from California lawmakers.

With the first marijuana licenses due to be issued in January, California lawmakers proposed Thursday that growers and sellers be able to group multiple permitted operations together.

The change would allow a store that is licensed to sell marijuana for medical use to also sell pot for recreational use if it is licensed to do so. In addition, a marijuana store would be able to run a manufacturing operation at the same site, and businesses could group together multiple cultivation licenses in one facility, which would allow medical pot to be grown next to adult-use cannabis, said Hezekiah Allen, head of the California Growers Assn.

Learn more about the legislation at the L.A. Times


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