Mendocino Sheriff Excoriates Supervisors for ‘Lax’ Cannabis Rules

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman had some choice words for the Board of Supervisors Tuesday. Frustrated by several recent crimes related to marijuana cultivation, he accused them of creating a situation in which pot-related crime is rampant.

“Please do not continue to say that marijuana is a totally harmless herb that God put on this Earth, and we don’t know why we’re fighting over it,” said Allman. He pointed to a suspected homicide, an alleged armed robbery and kidnapping, and an explosion at a marijuana extraction lab all within the past 30 days.

“There has been no punishment for people who have been thumbing their noses at you,” the sheriff added, speaking to the Board. “They’re no longer thumbing their noses at law enforcement; they’re thumbing their noses at the Board of Supervisors by the nice, calm, easy laws that have been made. And they’re so gentle. And we’re so understanding. But that doesn’t stop the homicides.”

Mendocino’s Agricultural Commissioner Diane Curry insists that the majority of cultivators are doing their best to obey the law. Despite the regulatory kinks, “I think our cultivators are doing a really good job in trying to make this work and trying to comply,” she said.

The county is reaching out to cultivators to sort out some of the problems.

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