Commercial Weed Not Welcome in Hermosa Beach

Ten months ago, voters in Hermosa Beach made their voices clear on the issue of marijuana, voting overwhelmingly in favor of Proposition 64, the state ballot measure that legalized adult pot use in this state. But on Tuesday, their elected representatives had a clear message of their own: not in our backyard.

Under the new ordinance, commercial pot businesses of all kinds -- grows, dispensaries, and delivery services -- will be prohibited from operating within city limits. The council approved the item on a 5-0 vote as the state prepares to begin issuing its first licenses for commercial cannabis in January.

The all-cash nature of the business makes it a “magnet for crime,” Councilmember Carolyn Petty contended. Police Chief Sharon Papa agreed. She relayed harrowing stories of shootouts between security guards and robbers at pot shops in neighboring towns, calling it “a risk too great for our community.”  

Hermosa Beach’s prohibitive stance isn’t anything new. Last year, the council voted to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries. Prior to the vote in November, the city also came out in opposition to Proposition 64.  

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