Commercial Pot Hits a Roadblock in Menlo Park

Marijuana businesses that were hoping to open up in Menlo Park -- and patrons who were looking forward to visiting them -- will be sorely disappointed. Last week, the city council passed a 45-day moratorium on commercial weed that could be extended for another two years.

Menlo Park says it needs more time to develop commercial pot regulations. It wants to see what happens after Jan. 1 when recreational marijuana is officially legalized.

“If we don’t have the moratorium, somebody could have a pop-up retail spot, as long as it’s not within illegal areas,” said City Attorney Bill McClure.

Menlo Park now joins cities like Burlingame, East Palo Alto and San Carlos in delaying the rollout of its commercial marijuana program. Palo Alto and San Mateo have rejected commercial marijuana businesses altogether.

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