Is the Marriage of Weed and Wine a Good Thing?

The combination of marijuana and wine is blossoming in California’s picturesque wine country. But not everyone is excited about the new dynamic.

"We have some challenges, some cumulative impacts from wineries and tasting rooms," said Sonoma County’s First District supervisor Susan Gorin. "And now here comes cannabis."

Industry insiders may be feeling even more apprehensive than the officials. Some worry all the vineyards will soon be ripped out and replaced with pot; that the skunky odors will overwhelm tourism; and that DUIs and violent crime will increase as a result.

But the cannabis industry is all in. They’re excited about the prospects of this new world. And a number of connoisseurs agree.

"I think that the wine industry is going to really want to be part of the cannabis industry,” said Domi Heckei, who recently attended a wine and weed dinner hosted by the Sonoma Cannabis Company. “…I feel like there's probably a secure future in that.”



Monday, July 24, 2017 - 14:53

What we’ve all been fearing is coming true. The federal administration has vowed to crackdown on marijuana usage and next week we could see those implications take effect.