Councilman Discovers 15 Pounds of Marijuana on the Side of the Road

You just never know what you’ll find on the streets (or freeways) of L.A.

Fifteen pounds of marijuana were found in plastic bags on the side of a freeway in La Crescenta during a litter cleanup this weekend, authorities said.

Two organizations were doing their monthly sweep along the 210 Freeway at La Crescenta Avenue on Saturday when Councilman Mike Classens came across one bag.

“I could tell immediately it was full of marijuana. It emitted a really strong odor, no question about it,” Classens said.

The councilman soon found another bag containing even more marijuana. In all, the find totalled 15 pounds. 

Why would someone discard of 15 pounds of pot? The refuse appears to have been trimmings, not the bud. The marijuana is now in the hands of Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies and they’re trying to smoke out the owner/dumper.

Good luck with that.



Monday, May 21, 2018 - 04:53

The Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Department of Public Health have proposed the re-adoption of their emergency regulations on cannabis for another 180