Pot Deliveries Are Back in San Jose

In 2015, San Jose—like many other municipalities across the state—reacted swiftly to a wave of confusion stemming from the state’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. That meant banning popular weed delivery services like Eaze, which many medical marijuana patients had been relying on.

As of Tuesday, those deliveries are back.

“San Francisco startup Eaze launched its on-demand medical marijuana service in San Jose on Tuesday after the city removed its ban on cannabis delivery,” the Cannifornian reports. “The app, which lets customers order everything from pre-rolled joints to cannabis-infused mints, now serves the entire Bay Area.”

Eaze users must have a prescription to obtain the marijuana, but those who don’t have one can score one fairly easily through the EazeMD app. The app is partnering with a dispensary called The Guild for the products it delivers. The Guild is one of just two dispensaries licensed to deliver. Any other business caught going mobile faces a fine of $50,000 per offense per day.