After Swapping Its Old Prison for a Weed Plant, Coalinga is Raking in the Dough

California’s green rush has officially hit Coalinga, California in the western part of the San Joaquin Valley. The mayor there says ever since Proposition 64 passed, cultivators are snatching up property left and right, bringing a stream of much needed revenue into city coffers.

The city also recently sold its vacant Claremont Custody Center to Ocean Grow Extracts, which plans to turn the prison into a facility for cannabis manufacturing. The big sale helped Coalinga pay off millions of dollars in debt. And that seems to be just the beginning of the city’s good fortune.

“Things are looking good,” said Mayor Nathan Vosburg. “We’ve had a great start, and we expect to continue.”

Thanks to the money from the sale, the city has added three new positions to assist with finances, records, and public safety. It expects to add more in the future.


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