Weed Weddings Are the New Trend

We’ve got cannabis restaurants, museums, wines, and just about everything else under the sun. So it was only a matter of time before weed weddings became all the rage.

The Atlantic reports on a bourgeoning trend in which love birds are trading in their “I do’s” for “I toke,” holding lavish weddings in which weed is as central as once was champagne. There are even cannabis wedding planners now like Bec Koop and Madlyne Kelly in Denver. They partner up with limo and other transportation services centered around pot to make a smoking bride’s dreams come true.

“The existence of cannabis weddings isn’t just an indication of marijuana’s increasing normalcy—it also signals the drug’s maturation from a blacklight-and-lava-lamp pastime to a grown-up product with gourmet options,” according to the Atlantic.

There are different ways to do it. Some weddings are heavy on the weed, with cannabis as a main theme. Others are more discreet, offering goodie bags, a subtle bud bar, or just a hemp-made wedding dress. Koop calls this the “don’t-piss-off-grandma options.” Hopefully all of them tell their caterers to double the food.