Pioneer of California’s Compassionate Uses Act Campaigns Against Proposition 64

California’s marijuana legalization measure has an unlikely foe.

Last week, medical cannabis activist Dennis Peron, who helped spearhead the state’s legalization of medical cannabis in 1996, was in Humboldt County to advocate against--yes, against--Proposition 64. The pioneer of Proposition 215 believes it’s a power grab for government and big business that could threaten the free use and culture of marijuana.

“People don’t realize that money is a form of tyranny,” Peron said. “You pay them and you won’t get busted, that’s how they control people and this will force an even greater underground market to form.”

“Money. It’s always money. It’s so cynical. They say they want to help us but they actually want to hurt us. For some reason, they feel like we have to pay taxes because we use marijuana, but if they increase the costs, they limit access to medication.”

Peron also has a problem with the language. The word “recreational” is a smokescreen, as far as he’s concerned. All marijuana is medical, he says. And if all marijuana is medical, then it’s already all legal. He also opposed the attempt to legalize marijuana in 2010.