All Money, No Talk: Why Isn’t Sean Parker Speaking Out on Prop 64?

When it comes to marijuana legalization, former Facebook president and Napster co-founder Sean Parker isn’t putting his mouth where his money is.

As the Sacramento Bee reports, the billionaire tech giant has contributed at least $8.8 million to the Proposition 64 campaign and affiliated groups, but has stayed virtually mum on the issue in public. He issued his one and only public remark in a Nov. 2 statement last year, sent out by his aide Chris Garland. In it, Parker expressed measured support for the initiative.

Why the silence?

Opponents of the measure say it’s evidence that Parker’s support for 64 is driven, not by altruism, but by the old fashioned profit motive. Perhaps he’s afraid that would be revealed if he’s put on the spot.

“Look, everybody has the right to talk or not talk and everybody has the right to be criticized for it,” said No on 64 consultant Wayne Johnson. “What is he afraid to be asked I think is the real question.”

The response to the accusations was the issuance of yet another statement.

“Sean is supporting Proposition 64 because, like most Californians, he believes that the criminalization of marijuana has been a costly, racially-biased and inhumane failure,” Proposition 64 campaign spokesman Jason Kinney recently wrote. “He has no current or future interest in the marijuana industry.”