The Sacramento Bee: Where California politicians stand on pot legalization

The Sacramento Bee's Christopher Caldego published a list of high-ranking current and former California state leaders' opinion of Prop. 64. 

"California politicians have traditionally opposed legalizing marijuana. In 2010, amid fierce debate about the pot legalization measure Proposition 19, every statewide elected official expressed disapproval. In more recent years, officials have suggested they wanted to wait to see how legalization played out in other states.

Proposition 64, a recreational marijuana initiative on the fall ballot, is generating a slight thaw in political perspectives on legalizing the drug. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a candidate for governor in 2018, is the measure’s highest-ranking supporter. But still many others remain undecided or in opposition." (Caldego, Christopher. "Where California politicians stand on pot legalization." The Sacramento Bee 29 Aug. 2016)

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