Prop. 64 Won’t Change Rules in Pico Rivera

Municipalities are taking different tacks when it comes to the possible passage of Proposition 64, which would legalize recreational use of marijuana across the state. While some are taking steps to legalize more dispensaries, others are doubling down on existing bans, shutting out commercial activity all together.

The City of Pico Rivera has just formally placed itself in the latter camp. This month, the city council rejected a proposed ordinance that would have legalized marijuana dispensaries in the city.

“If Proposition 64 changed something and put us into a position where we’d be vulnerable ... I would be in favor of getting in front of this,” said Councilman Gregory Salcido. “But it seems there is no need to because Proposition 64 changes absolutely nothing.”

Councilman Bob Archuleta, who proposed the ordinance along with Mayor David Armenta, agreed.

“I thought it was going to mandate us to do something,” said Archuleta. “Obviously, it didn’t so it’s a moot point. Why change (the law)?”

The council’s decision is similar to that made by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors last week.

Read more about the vote here.


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